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Clockwork Perspectives

Clockwork Perspectives

Key Performance Indicators: what are they and why do they matter?

Across nearly every vertical of the investment industry investors and funds focus on a few key performance and return-oriented metrics, such as IRR and MOIC,…
Clockwork Perspectives

Performance Metrics: How Are Your Investors Judging You?

Established or nascent, public or private, a fundamental truism to businesses is that they require capital (in some form) to grow. Especially in the early…
Clockwork Perspectives

The Building Blocks of Successful Investor Reporting

When sitting down to build your next investor update, consider beginning by identifying the thematic areas you plan to address with your audience. Distilling your…
Clockwork Perspectives

Striking the Balance: Investor Communications DOs and DON’Ts

As a founder, it is important to think about your investor relations strategy holistically. Take a step back from the individual updates, and consider how…
An Honest Approach to Investor Relations | Clockwork
Clockwork Perspectives

An Honest Approach to Investor Relations

As a founder, you have a full plate when it comes to operating and growing your business. If you’ve raised capital from investors to support…

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