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Free modern investor reporting technology. Improve investor engagement with branded updates, file sharing, and more.

The evolution of investor relations.

Static Emails

Unorganized, plain, inconsistent, and time consuming. Do investors even read these?

For Founders Static Emails For Founders Clockwork Updates
Clockwork Updates

Modern, flexible, and eye catching. Make your investor updates actionable.

Investor Relations Platform

Manage your company profile for communication and data sharing with current and prospective investors and other key contacts. Send regular updates, quick announcements, news, notes, and files, in a single place.

For Founders Investor Relations Platform
For Founders Investor Updates

Investor Updates Templates

A structured approach to investor updates with standard and custom templates. Rely on best practices to ensure you communicate what is needed without wasting your time.

For Founders Investor Updates

Systems Integrations

Import data from systems you are already using for better and easier reporting. Save time and build trust accuracy with investor communications and records.

For Founders Systems Integrations

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