Sep Alavi

Sep Alavi

Fund / Group

White Star Capital Digital Asset Fund




New York, Montreal, Toronto, London, Paris

Number of Portfolio Companies


Focus Areas

Blockchain, Digital Assets, Crypto Networks


Seed – Series A

How and why did you get started in private investing?

I started investing in private markets as a VC in 2014 after spending 12 years in Capital Markets. I saw an opportunity in tech and digital transformation, and launched Residence Ventures, a seed stage fund in late 2014. I quickly became passionate about backing entrepreneurs and helping them scale internationally. I was always an early adopter in all things tech and the notion of being the first investor in transformative ideas was very attractive to me. In 2017 I joined White Star Capital, a series A and B global venture fund to build on my conviction.

What is the single most important thing you value in an investment opportunity?

Backing great founders more than anything else.

What are the best innovation themes that you see in the market today?

Blockchain as a next-generation computing platform enabling new, secure, censorship-resistant and frictionless business models. As well as Digital Assets as a new asset class empowering users all over the world.

Beyond economic return, what kind of impact do you hope to make with your portfolio?

ESG as much as possible – Financial inclusion (banking the unbanked) – Helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

What are the most pressing challenges or pain points in managing your day-to-day private investment activity?
  • Educating investors
  • Saying no to entrepreneurs
  • Keeping up with all the deal flow
  • Achieving inbox zero
What is the hardest investment lesson you’ve learned and/or the biggest investment mistake you’ve made?

Not having enough ownership in my winners.

What are your favorite industry information sources and/or services?

The Block, Messari, Token Terminal, CoinMetrics & Kaiko.

What’s your favorite non-business interest or hobby?

Electronic music production and DJing, Skiing, Triathlons

Please leave us a book recommendation (business or otherwise).

Life After Google by George Gilder

What’s your take on the private market overall?